A Bouquet of Good Wishes!!

Dear Folks!!

I am happy as well as not-so-happy saying that I am taking a break from crafting and posting about it. Its going to be a long one as I am embarking on a new journey in life…and this new beginning is going to take a lot of me from me..but hey! This is what I’ve been waiting for 🙂

So see you guys in the year to come and sending along a bouquet of good wishes for you all…

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Season’s Greetings…celebrated round the year!!

Dear Folks!!

Now that this year is ending with today, here’s a look-back. A look-back at the year gone by and oh my God!…what a year it was… Have a look at the slide show link attached below:

2015 – The year gone by…a look-back!!

and for everything…a heart felt Thanks!!

Thank you3

See you all in on a new day in the new year…

A Day to Celebrate!

Hi Folks!!

Choosing gifts for people is an art. Choosing a just right, rational as well as a pleasant gift that sends across your message as you like is not a cake walk. It takes lot of thought and needless to mention, hell lot of time 😛 and some people are still not able to decide on a perfect gift for their loved ones.

There then comes a super easy solution for them…money/gift envelopes. These may carry money or gift cards/vouchers. These gifts not only provide a choice of item to the receiver while redemption, but are also time savers and safe bets for the giver 😉 hahaha…..

In case you are wondering where to get a lovely and not-so-official-looking envelope to gift to your loved ones…here they are..for a day to celebrate!! Check’em out…

knot envelope3Knot envelope1knot envelope2knot envelope4knot envelope5knot envelope set

Diwali Dressing

Diwali for me is all about dressing up…be it your home or yourself 😉

Hello Folks and welcome back!!

Diwali is just round the corner and this is the best time of the year for me…apart from vacation times (Lol!!) I was just about to start dressing up my home for the festival when I thought..why not first try my hands on dressing up myself.. So here I am with these danglers. And, Oh look…there is a wall decor piece too in the background 😀

Dressing Up for Diwali

February…the Love season <3 <3

My brain somehow connects February with the season of Love. Not only because Valentine’s Day falls this month, but also because the entire month is very short and sweet. You step in your garden and you can see blooms all around and bees clinging to them. The breezes that blow your hair strands gently all over your face, the sweet fragrance, the colours of nature, the cozy bright sunshine and cool windy nights hinting you to cuddle up…all pictures up to a love affair in the air… 

Coming back to my blog… I tried gathering all these feelings and sentiments and summed them up into a charming project and here’s what I came up with…

Quilled Blossoms

Quilled Blossoms

The box is a regular 6″x6″ lidded one. Base is in plum pink color and the lid is in a lighter shade as the base with little hearts all over. The deco involves Malaysian quilling flowers (three primary ones) and quilled daisies (secondary ones). Little ones are punched daisies.

I have kept the colour pallete in shades of plum pink and the deco to the minimum.

Christmas themed Gift Tags

Look…who’s coming to your house along with your Christmas gifts, this season!! 

With the onset of December comes the feel of Christmas. The scent of winter, warmth of hot chocolate coffee, taste of plum cakes and last but not the least…loads of gifts!! That’s how I welcome this month of the departing year. I just love gifts and find a reason in every celebration for one to be shared, or may be couple of them 😉 But, this festival, along with loving gifts, I plan to arrange for someone else’s visit too at my dear ones’ place…and that Someone is…

Oh wait!! Did we decorate our place for our Special Guest?? Let’s do that first… How about a Christmas tree?


Christmas Tree Gift Tag


And an ornament for the tree?


Ornament Ball Gift Tag


And a Snowman?


Snowman Gift Tag


And a wreath?


Wreath & Bells Gift Tag


Hmm!! Now we seem to have a perfect place for our guest. Let’s welcome him…


Santa Face Gift Tag

P.S. Merry Christmas!!