Parchment Craft

Hi!! I’ve been off from the house for a while as something else caught my attention and interest. Parchment Craft…a yet another form of paper craft, and believe me folks…its fascinating and captivating!!


Parchment craft, a.k.a. Pergamano is the art of embellishment and decorating parchment or vellum paper (whitetranslucent paper ) through the use of technique such as embossing, perforating, stippling, cutting and coloring.

Parchment craft is believed to be originated as an art form in Europe during 15th-16th century. It principally occurred in Catholic communities where craftsmen created lace-like items such as devotional pictures and communion cards. The craft developed overtime with mew techniques and refinements. Until 16th century Parchment craft was a European art form, however, missionaries and other settlers relocated to South America taking the art along with them.

Although the invention of printing press led to reduced interest in handmade cards and items, by 18th century people regained interest in detailed hand works, and by the nest century, crafters added feathers to the cap of Parchment Craft by increasing size of items, wavy borders, floral themes, cherubs and hand embossing…influenced with French Romanticism ❤ ❤ ❤


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