Paper Punch

Further ahead there is another form of paper art called Paper Punch. It is very similar to the way we make holes in paper through punching machines. The only difference is that craft punching machines have various forms and designs crafted into them and we don’t file the punched papers, we decorate with them ūüėČ

The origin of paper punch dates back to 1880’s in Germany. It was during this time frame that a device was designed to punch holes in paper. Since then it was merely an office tool until recently when these punch machines developed beautiful designs and now have enhanced usage.

Let us have a look at few paper punch sample projects…

Image Punch Crafted Paper Bag

Image¬†Punch Crafted Valentine’s Day Card

Image Punch Crafted All Seasons Card


Date: 24th Sep 2013

Few more additions to Paper Punch works…

WP_20130918_012 WP_20130918_008 Hearty Tiffany Box

WP_20130918_005 WP_20130918_004

WP_20130918_002 WP_20130918_001

WP_20130924_004 WP_20130924_003

WP_20130924_002 WP_20130924_001


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