Paper Craft & Modeling

From the very beginning of our lives, our paper work starts. We are born and that needs to be recorded in our birth certificate – made of paper. We go to schools and most of our study materials are – made of paper. We finish studying and get into jobs where we have lot of – paper work, etcApart from these basics, paper covers almost every aspect of our lives ranging from newspapers, utility bills, medical bills/records, movie tickets and the list goes on.

Adding to this list, there are few other uses of paper – craft work (that too with up-cycled paper) . Here is a snapshot of few creative jobs done with something that is the best example of Paper Up-Cycling and covers not more than 15-30 minutes of our daily lives – Newspaper.

Most of feel that newspapers, among various other forms of print media, have the shortest span of life. I feel, hang on!! There’s a lot more…

Hut Shaped Paper Straw Photo Frame is one such example. Unlike traditional or regular photo frames available in the market this one not only promotes up-cycling and creativity but also sends across your message of Love!!

Newspaper Straw Hut Shaped Photo Frame

Reed Imitated Colored Paper Straw Basket is another example of how creatively one can do wonders with newspapers. This can be brought to many uses ranging from storing your veggies/fruits to a desk organizer or even a center piece for your table.

Reed Imitated Coloured Paper Straw Basket

Jeweled & Colored Paper Straw Cube Block Candle Holder, Golden Paper Straw Loop Block Candle Holder, Paper Straw Wreath Candle Holder are few more additions  to the list of creative uses that newspapers can be put to.

Jeweled & Colored Paper Straw Cude Block Candle Holder  Golden Paper Straw Loop Block Candle Holder  Paper Straw Wreath Candle Holder


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