A Bouquet of Good Wishes!!

Dear Folks!!

I am happy as well as not-so-happy saying that I am taking a break from crafting and posting about it. Its going to be a long one as I am embarking on a new journey in life…and this new beginning is going to take a lot of me from me..but hey! This is what I’ve been waiting for 🙂

So see you guys in the year to come and sending along a bouquet of good wishes for you all…

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Now that we all are here…Congratulations!!

Hi there…!!

Its a nice sunny and bright day outside and I love this kind of day. I am not very much into the idea of all day drizzles and soggy weather. Crisp, dry and yet pleasant is my type of a good day; and because we have such a day outside with all the Spring-ee feel…Congratulations!! 😀 😀


And here is the inside test…

Congratulations - Text

Hope you all like it!!

P.S. Happy Friendship Day :* :*

Set of Four Gift Tags

Love…Gifts and…there come my Gift Tags!!

Like I always like gifts…I have developed a liking for gift tags too 🙂 and from an artist’s point of view, I see endless possibilities of how you can really bundle up your love for your beloveds. These gift tags happen to ornate your bundle a little more 🙂

Not only that, these tags also give your gift an identity to distinguish itself from others and fork over your message in a flair but also add a flavour of your personality. You see…? Gift tags do not just carry names and wishes…they carry a lot more of you and express much more of your feelings. Perhaps that is why I cannot get myself over it and I made this set of tags….and then yet another one :P, coz’ Ye Dil Maange More….Aahaa!

Set of 4 Gift Tags - Blue

Set of 4 Gift Tags - Pistachio Green

Pack of Seven Assorted Gift Envelopes

When I say I love gifts…I actually do; but what I do not like is the redundancy or the repetitiveness of the items people usually gift to one another.

Gifting, as to what I feel, is all about making someone feel special. Yes, gifting someone with an item of necessity is good, especially if the other one requires any particular thing and you gift him/her that item. But what if your gift item is not only an object of purpose, but also carry a uniqueness in itself? Based on this theory of mine, here’s what I came up with… a Pack of Seven Assorted Gift Envelopes!!

Pack of Seven Assorted Gift Envelopes

Pack of Seven Gift Envelopes - 1

Pack of Seven Gift Envelopes - 2

Pack of Seven Gift Envelopes - 3

Pack of Seven Gift Envelopes - 4

Pack of Seven Gift Envelopes - 5

Pack of Seven Gift Envelopes - 6

Pack of Seven Gift Envelopes - 7

Coin Box

My favorite part of the year is just around the corner, Yay!!

Dear Pals!!

Diwali, the festival of lights, followed by the onset of Wedding Season is my favorite part of entire year. With all lights and bling around its a jeweled treat to my eyes. Talking about treats, festivals and weddings are a great occasion to express your love and share presents with your dear ones. Not to forget, on this festival of lights, we welcome Goddess Laxmi who symbolizes wealth and we spend all that so received on our big fat Indian weddings 😉 One of those ways of spending is gifting Gold/Silver coins. Wrapped with pure love and best wishes, this is a common gift that people share in our society.

Let us bring a new style and festive feel to the way these gifts are exchanged… Coins wrapped in your pure love and best wishes preserved and packed in these elegant Coin Boxes…

QUilled and Jeweled Coin Tokri

QUilled and Jeweled Coin Tokri

Pyramid Coin Box

Pyramid Coin Box


Floral Coin Case

Floral Coin Case

Studded Butterfly Coin Case

Studded Butterfly Coin Case


Wedding and Party Favor Cake Box

Hey Folks!! 

Lately my metabolism has been working really great and I feel an urge to eat every couple of hours. So I thought lets eat something tasty and filling…and hence I baked a cake!! 


Cake Favour Box - 1 

The Cake has 11 slice boxes and can be used for wedding favors or any sort of party confetti box. 

Cake Favour Box - 2