Tic Tic Tic

Time and tide wait for none!!

You would have heard you parents and elders saying this to you very often. Time is an unstoppable and irrevocable process. It started from the very beginning and will continue even after our end… We must plan our activities keeping this factor in consideration that whatever time has passed will never come and whatever is missed is gone forever. Keeping this very factor in time, I thought I should really get going with my craft-work and started over with my projects, the Victorian Clock being on top of the list 😉

Remember….tic tic tic



Parchment Craft Baby Shower Card

In this season of festivals and gifts the most precious gift of God to mankind is the Life, but more than that is the ability to oneself give birth to a life – a baby. Dedicating my next piece of parchment craft – a baby shower greeting card to all the new mums and soon-to-be mums this season ❤ ❤


Parchment Lace for borders



Parchment Craft Greeting Card – ‘For You’

Festivals are a great way to meet and greet people and a traditional way of doing that is through greeting cards. Having learnt Parchment Craft in my recent times, I tried my hands on a card in parchment. With combined usage of embossing and perforating I designed a greeting card ‘For You’ 😉


Combined use of embossing and perforating on the vertical border to give lace-like look


Parchment Paper Book Mark

To start with, parchment craft is a combination of embossing and perforating the paper. Being translucent, and design can be traced on the parchment sheet. This done through a specific acrylic white ink meant specially formulated for parchment craft. After the ink has dried, turning the sheet upside down, the design is embossed from the back side with the help of embossing tool. Also, the paper has a feature of getting opaque and white when embossed. This feature combined with white ink give a solid white design engraved on the parchment sheet. Further, the borders are not cut but pricked and perforated with the help of perforating tool. after perforating, extra paper from the border is detached. Also, pricking is also used within the embossed design to give a lace-like look.

Here is a snapshot of Parchment Paper Book Mark…


Perforated and detached borders WP_20131003_008

WP_20131003_008 - Copy Perforation within embossing