Green N’ Pearls

Hey there!!

It feels so good to be back here after over a month’s break…especially after having learnt a new craft…paper jewelry. Well for now its paper, but I aim to learn and make from many more materials.

For now, here is what I made…

Green & Pearls Ear Studs

Diwali Dressing

Diwali for me is all about dressing up…be it your home or yourself πŸ˜‰

Hello Folks and welcome back!!

Diwali is just round the corner and this is the best time of the year for me…apart from vacation times (Lol!!) I was just about to start dressing up my home for the festival when I thought..why not first try my hands on dressing up myself.. So here I am with these danglers. And, Oh look…there is a wall decor piece too in the background πŸ˜€

Dressing Up for Diwali

Hi there…Welcome back!!

Hi there…everyone!!

Oh! Its been long since I wrote last. Yeah I took a break…sort of 😐

Sometimes, you feel the need to get away of something…for nothing else but to get a better hold on that thing. You are better able to view things being a little away…when you are actually out of the circle. Guess what?? It works πŸ˜€

And when I sat back on my table to start work again, it reminded me…oh! my Birthday is around. What better time can it be to re-start!! And Β therefore to re-start with…this is I worked on…a Happy Birth Day card πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Happy Birth Day!!

Happy Birth Day!!

Here is the inside story πŸ˜‰ …

Happy Birth Day - Text

Hope you’ll like it!! πŸ™‚

Christmas themed Gift Tags

Look…who’s coming to your house along with your Christmas gifts, this season!!Β 

With the onset of December comes the feel of Christmas. The scent of winter, warmth of hot chocolate coffee, taste of plum cakes and last but not the least…loads of gifts!! That’s how I welcome this month of the departing year. I just love gifts and find a reason in every celebration for one to be shared, or may be couple of them πŸ˜‰ But, this festival, along with loving gifts, I plan to arrange for someone else’s visit too at my dear ones’ place…and that Someone is…

Oh wait!! Did we decorate our place for our Special Guest?? Let’s do that first… How about a Christmas tree?


Christmas Tree Gift Tag


And an ornament for the tree?


Ornament Ball Gift Tag


And a Snowman?


Snowman Gift Tag


And a wreath?


Wreath & Bells Gift Tag


Hmm!! Now we seem to have a perfect place for our guest. Let’s welcome him…


Santa Face Gift Tag

P.S. Merry Christmas!!


Coin Box

My favorite part of the year is just around the corner, Yay!!

Dear Pals!!

Diwali, the festival of lights, followed by the onset of Wedding Season is my favorite part of entire year. With all lights and bling around its a jeweled treat to my eyes. Talking about treats, festivals and weddings are a great occasion to express your love and share presents with your dear ones. Not to forget, on this festival of lights, we welcome Goddess Laxmi who symbolizes wealth and we spend all that so received on our big fat Indian weddings πŸ˜‰ One of those ways of spending is gifting Gold/Silver coins. Wrapped with pure love and best wishes, this is a common gift that people share in our society.

Let us bring a new style and festive feel to the way these gifts are exchanged… Coins wrapped in your pure love and best wishes preserved and packed in these elegant Coin Boxes…

QUilled and Jeweled Coin Tokri

QUilled and Jeweled Coin Tokri

Pyramid Coin Box

Pyramid Coin Box


Floral Coin Case

Floral Coin Case

Studded Butterfly Coin Case

Studded Butterfly Coin Case


Wedding and Party Favor Cake Box

Hey Folks!!Β 

Lately my metabolism has been working really great and I feel an urge to eat every couple of hours. So I thought lets eat something tasty and filling…and hence I baked a cake!!Β 


Cake Favour Box - 1Β 

The Cake has 11 slice boxes and can be used for wedding favors or any sort of party confetti box.Β 

Cake Favour Box - 2