Dangling Silk & Black Metal

Hi there… Welcome to The Craft House!!

Yes… I’m trying new start line 😛

So, after so much glue and glitter in my last project, I wanted to do something that would make my hands less grubby. Hahaha.. Less grubby for a crafter is a distant dream 😴

Nevertheless, I was able to think of a project that includes no gums and glues; but there were shreds…lots and lots of 🙄

Dangling Silk and black metal… (jewellery with silk thread danglers – in case the title didn’t give it away)

Have a look at these and stay tuned for more!!

Thanks 🙂


The Yarn Rush

Dear Folks!!

Yes Yes….I have skipped a month…yet again; but this time did not go in squander 😀

I wanted to make something quirky, fun and vibrant. And yes, it had to be a jewelry. But what? To quench the quirk thirst, I started looking for unusual materials. Though yarn is not that unusual, and is frequently used in jewelries too; well, i tried my hands here; and look…what did I make……

A New Start in Y2K17

Hello everyone and a glittery welcome to Y2K17!!

Glittery?? Yes, because that is what I am starting in this new year 😀
I am so excited about this new project domain that I am stepping in to. This is all so beautiful, sheen and so me 🙂

Introducing Asasa (the jewelry collection) from the house of Craft Couture by Garima.
Have a look…!!