WP_20130605_011 - Copy Hi!! Welcome to The Craft House – Your Creative Workplace!!

My name is Garima and I am a crafter. I like making craft items, specially from paper. I also believe in creating something out of nothing and so I engage myself in lots of upcycling work too. I love bright colors and varied designs, and try bring these into my art works. I enjoy decorating my place with things of utility as well as decor and therefore many of my art works take their inspiration from there. I’ve been crafting for over five years and now it is like my daily supplement.

A picture is more than a thousand words and there are many pictures in the House speaking about my work. Hope you’ll like it…   

With a background of commerce and a Master Degree in Business Administration I entreat you all to this bottomless ocean of creativity and craftsmanship.

Bienvenido a bordo!! 



6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Garima,
    Went through the blog. Found it delighting with amazing and beautifully crafted masterpieces. No one can stop us when we choose the path of our passion. I heartily wish you all success. Great Job!!

  2. Hi Garima! It’s lovely to see such refreshing ideas captured through paper n craft! Loved going through your blog… I’m surely going to spend more time browsing… Meanwhile, it’s the a way I could get in touch with you? Where are you based? Do let me know! Thanks, Swati

    • Hi Swati!! Thanks for the appreciation. I put up in Pune. I have a page on Facebook under the name ‘Craft Couture by Garima’; you may reach out to me there.

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