A Day to Celebrate!

Hi Folks!!

Choosing gifts for people is an art. Choosing a just right, rational as well as a pleasant gift that sends across your message as you like is not a cake walk. It takes lot of thought and needless to mention, hell lot of time πŸ˜› and some people are still not able to decide on a perfect gift for their loved ones.

There then comes a super easy solution for them…money/gift envelopes. These may carry money or gift cards/vouchers. These gifts not only provide a choice of item to the receiver while redemption, but are also time savers and safe bets for the giver πŸ˜‰ hahaha…..

In case you are wondering where to get a lovely and not-so-official-looking envelope to gift to your loved ones…here they are..for a day to celebrate!! Check’em out…

knot envelope3Knot envelope1knot envelope2knot envelope4knot envelope5knot envelope set


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