Set of Four Gift Tags

Love…Gifts and…there come my Gift Tags!!

Like I always like gifts…I have developed a liking for gift tags too 🙂 and from an artist’s point of view, I see endless possibilities of how you can really bundle up your love for your beloveds. These gift tags happen to ornate your bundle a little more 🙂

Not only that, these tags also give your gift an identity to distinguish itself from others and fork over your message in a flair but also add a flavour of your personality. You see…? Gift tags do not just carry names and wishes…they carry a lot more of you and express much more of your feelings. Perhaps that is why I cannot get myself over it and I made this set of tags….and then yet another one :P, coz’ Ye Dil Maange More….Aahaa!

Set of 4 Gift Tags - Blue

Set of 4 Gift Tags - Pistachio Green