February…the Love season <3 <3

My brain somehow connects February with the season of Love. Not only because Valentine’s Day falls this month, but also because the entire month is very short and sweet. You step in your garden and you can see blooms all around and bees clinging to them. The breezes that blow your hair strands gently all over your face, the sweet fragrance, the colours of nature, the cozy bright sunshine and cool windy nights hinting you to cuddle up…all pictures up to a love affair in the air… 

Coming back to my blog… I tried gathering all these feelings and sentiments and summed them up into a charming project and here’s what I came up with…

Quilled Blossoms

Quilled Blossoms

The box is a regular 6″x6″ lidded one. Base is in plum pink color and the lid is in a lighter shade as the base with little hearts all over. The deco involves Malaysian quilling flowers (three primary ones) and quilled daisies (secondary ones). Little ones are punched daisies.

I have kept the colour pallete in shades of plum pink and the deco to the minimum.