Christmas themed Gift Tags

Look…who’s coming to your house along with your Christmas gifts, this season!! 

With the onset of December comes the feel of Christmas. The scent of winter, warmth of hot chocolate coffee, taste of plum cakes and last but not the least…loads of gifts!! That’s how I welcome this month of the departing year. I just love gifts and find a reason in every celebration for one to be shared, or may be couple of them 😉 But, this festival, along with loving gifts, I plan to arrange for someone else’s visit too at my dear ones’ place…and that Someone is…

Oh wait!! Did we decorate our place for our Special Guest?? Let’s do that first… How about a Christmas tree?


Christmas Tree Gift Tag


And an ornament for the tree?


Ornament Ball Gift Tag


And a Snowman?


Snowman Gift Tag


And a wreath?


Wreath & Bells Gift Tag


Hmm!! Now we seem to have a perfect place for our guest. Let’s welcome him…


Santa Face Gift Tag

P.S. Merry Christmas!!



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