Eternal Bond of Rakhi – Handmade with Love!!

Dear Folks!!

Its festival time…its Rakhi time. This is a very special bond between a sister and a brother that has been there since ages. Both siblings, no matter how far off they are geographically or even emotionally, are never able to surpass the gravity of this knot. It is a festival of love and protection that a sister receives form her brother in exchange of loads of love and affection. Not only those related in blood, those who may be biologically unrelated but have the same feel and connection, celebrate this festival with a great zeal.

Drenched in its colors and sharing same love and affection with my brothers, here are a few Rakhi pieces that I made.

(Paper Quilling Rakhi)

WP_20140720_013 WP_20140720_03420140720163723 WP_20140720_0152014072016410220140720164205 WP_20140723_007 WP_20140723_031 WP_20140723_0232014072317592120140723180827 WP_20140723_02020140723180339 WP_20140723_01720140723180557 WP_20140723_01520140723181101 WP_20140723_00920140723181226 WP_20140723_00720140723181349

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