Colorful Wishes – Gift Envelopes


Hello everyone!!

Monsoons are here and so is the time for nature to unravel its beauty and color. Any direction where my eyes roll, I can see hues of green and blue and white and all the color basket of mother earth.

Inspired by those here is a collection of gift envelopes that I made for an order…

WP_20140713_018 WP_20140713_01420140713210530

In these two, I have used bee hive quilling technique to fill the gifts and the hearts.


Here is a piece with Varli design in quilling…tried some fusion work 😉

WP_20140713_02020140713211227 WP_20140713_00420140713203734 WP_20140713_00520140713204017


Here are few pieces wherein I have used random shapes (except loose coils and tear drops) to bring up the designs.


Last but certainly not the least… a peacock feather on a blue envelope. I made this one to symbolize the monsoons and rains and the serenity this weather brings along…


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