Tic Tic Tic

Time and tide wait for none!!

You would have heard you parents and elders saying this to you very often. Time is an unstoppable and irrevocable process. It started from the very beginning and will continue even after our end… We must plan our activities keeping this factor in consideration that whatever time has passed will never come and whatever is missed is gone forever. Keeping this very factor in time, I thought I should really get going with my craft-work and started over with my projects, the Victorian Clock being on top of the list 😉

Remember….tic tic tic



Wish You a Fairy Tale Wedding and A Happy Ever After <3 <3 <3

Weddings Weddings Weddings!!

What is wedding all about?? Two people getting together forever…sharing their lives, happiness, sorrows, families and growing their little world around. Henceforth they see their good and not so good times together, face every challenge that life poses before them and celebrate every triumph, and while all this their love and compassion keeps growing…for each one of them and for people around them.

For the ones who’ve just started or are about to start this celebration of Wedded Life…. Wish You a Fairy Tale Wedding and A Happy Ever After….



I Love Gifts

Its her birthday, what are we gifting? Oh! its their anniversary, we must look for the best gift for them!! Hey! Its Women’s Day today…lets plan a party and also have cute little gifts for all of us 🙂 …..

I ❤ Gifts…and the best part is that you not only get or give an item, plus the love and affection you show as in how you present that gift to your loved ones..

Here is on e of my ways… specially when it is a surprise gift…not to be seen while giving 😉

Hide it in a lovely yet simplistic Gift Bag!!