Be Grateful Be Useful!!

Birth Days are a great way to tell people how much you love them, care for them and wish good fortune for them, but never knew they can be good for instructing people as well 😉

Check this one out also from my last week’s projects…





Paper Made Gift Bags

Gifts, gifts and I love gifts ❤

It is so much fun to receive or give a gift to someone. You choose an object, you wrap it with beautifully printed paper, you write the person a personal and cozy message and then you package your gift in a gift bag and the other person receives it with loads of love. Same happens when someone else sends you one 🙂

I too feel equally warm and excited….when these gift bags are handmade by me…with all the love for those two special people giving and receiving the gift ❤ ❤

This is my last weekend’s project…

Image Cream Rosette Paper Gift Bag

It is made of thick colored persian blue paper and the rosettes and flap are made of cream color handmade paper.


I have used velcro on the flap to fasten the bag.


Designer Shagun/Gift Envelopes – Part2

Another set of shagun/gift envelopes that I tried my hands on!! 

Simple techniques of quilling and punch craft have been used to design these… take a look 


Malaysian quilling using combing technique is used to make the golden flower in the envelope. 


Punched Japanese fan makes the center piece for this envelope. 


Marigold flower made with the help of fringing technique and combed loops. 


Husking flower and rose with pearl as the center piece with quilled twigs and leaves. 


Quillied scroll formed as Ganesha 


Quilled motif with pearls

Designer Shagun/Gift Envelopes Part1

Weddings are on and so is my work 🙂 Adding some more items to the Gift Items list in this wedding season, here is a range of Designer Shagun/Gift Envelopes.


Quilled yellow rosettes with embossed leaves and festive combination of maroon and yellow…

Image Off-white envelope with quilled peacock

Image Colored Parchment Flowers on same maroon background envelope.

Image Silver purple envelope with quilled leaves and pomander flower.

Image Off-white envelope with a quilled motif.