Hands on Upcycling my age old footwear

The other day I went to market to buy a pair of sandals and there was a particular design that I was looking for. I wanted sandals bearing flowers on them. Searched and scanned entire market but couldn’t fine one. 😦 

After coming back I was sitting and gazing on my old ones if I could do with any one of them and an age old pair of sandals caught my eye.  With little pieces of fabric, some old buttons and glue, voila!! I got what I was looking for 😀 







WP_20131013_002 WP_20131013_005



6 thoughts on “Hands on Upcycling my age old footwear

  1. Hi Garima,
    I could not found option of “Placing the order”. Even though its mentioned smwhr, request you to make obvious more obvious. The “Order/Buy/Own” option and process should be very simple and eye catching. Its my sincere suggestion.


    • Thanks for showing interest Anshuman 🙂 The blog is more about sharing whatever I make and the process behind. For selling I have a page of my business venture on facebook named Craft Couture by Garima. You can place your order there…just inbox me. However, will look into your suggestion and try and incorporate buying option here too… 🙂

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