Parchment Paper Book Mark

To start with, parchment craft is a combination of embossing and perforating the paper. Being translucent, and design can be traced on the parchment sheet. This done through a specific acrylic white ink meant specially formulated for parchment craft. After the ink has dried, turning the sheet upside down, the design is embossed from the back side with the help of embossing tool. Also, the paper has a feature of getting opaque and white when embossed. This feature combined with white ink give a solid white design engraved on the parchment sheet. Further, the borders are not cut but pricked and perforated with the help of perforating tool. after perforating, extra paper from the border is detached. Also, pricking is also used within the embossed design to give a lace-like look.

Here is a snapshot of Parchment Paper Book Mark…


Perforated and detached borders WP_20131003_008

WP_20131003_008 - Copy Perforation within embossing


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