Welcome to The Craft House!!

Creativity exists in various aspects of our lives. Be it dressing up, arranging or decorating our places, storing things, cooking or any other activity. Similarly it doesn’t require to have specific materials/tools to be creative. It can range from a piece of paper to cloth, food, plastic, metal or practically anything under the sun.

Everyone has a hidden virtuoso in oneself and The Craft House is a platform wherein one can identify and unleash one’s creative facet. It is never too late to augment the craftsmanship in you whether or not from a similar professional background. ┬áHence the House emboldens such euphoria of creativity.

The Craft House is one such roof without walls that encourages your creativity with respect to any tangible material you may have. Additionally, keeping our mother nature in our forethought, it also promotes the idea of up-cycling. Hence the house offers you a perfect blend of creativity and up-cycling and brings to you altogether a new experience.

Ergo, with a purpose of unleashing and enhancing your creative edge, welcome to The Craft House!!